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Presidentʼs message

With challenging spirits,
we aspire for becoming a dream enterprise

Challenge. This is the corporate mind of FKT. In 1994, we started manufacturing air-conditioning parts, agricultural michinery products, construction machinery components and many others. We have been giving tasks upon ourselves, which we could accomplish and deliver. In this way, our pioneering spirits have been aimed, among others, at the development and production stages.
Now in Thailand, an emerging global manufacturing hub and exporting base, we are going to not just manufacture a wide variety of things but also expand into new fields and product lines. If we were afraid of failures and cling to conventional techniques, we could not survive todayʼs whirlwind of change. Taking positive approaches might result in a failure. But such setback will become valuable corporate assets for tomorrowʼs success. While keeping up challenges, our engineering forte will be ratcheted up and our human resources strong enough to keep pace with the changing times.
My challenge is to advance this corporation together with contribution to Thai society.
We will go global in many more ways and shall be “A DREAM COMPANY”

Kazuyoshi Akagi President
Kazuyoshi Akagi